danielle whitlock, matron of honor
Danielle is one of Elyseís closest friends and confidants. Danielle and Elyse met at First Baptist Church in middle school. They have shared their faith together, laughed together, and grown together. They have lived in separate parts of the state for much of their friendship, but their bond is so strong that they always keep close. Danielle likes to stay active and have fun. She is currently pursuing a degree in the College of Education at St. Petersburg College, works at Chilisí, and just got married in December to her wonderful husband Luke.

cole brown, best man
Cole is Elyseís brother and one of Chrisí closest friends. They communicate in such a way that many outsiders donít understand, which is a mixture of computer lingo and other techy stuff. When they get together they like to play computer games all day long. Cole graduated from Auburn University in 2006 and now works as a Software Engineer at Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida.

lindsay gruzlewski, bridesmaid
Lindsay and Elyse have been friends practically since they were born! They have both attended First Baptist Church since they were babies, and were always in the same class, from preschool, to GAís, and on. Lindsay and Elyse spent time together in and out of church and drove their parents crazy on weekends by having slumber parties and staying up late laughing. Lindsay attends the University of South Florida and is majoring in Communications. She also works full time at First Baptist Church.

cg covey, groomsman
CG and Chris have been friends since they were 8 years old. They attended Boca Glades Baptist Church for 7 years together and hung out all the time, playing soccer and fishing in CGís back-yard. CG is now pursuing degrees in Business and Geography at Samford in Alabama.

julia brown, bridesmaid
Julia is Elyseís sister-in-law and friend. She married Elyseís brother, Tyson, in 2006. Julia graduated from UF in 2005 in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Since Elyse is completing the same degree, she has always turned to Julia for advice on college issues. Julia is currently working in the Industrial Engineering department at Disney and is expecting a baby on July 19, 2008!

tyson brown, groomsman
Tyson is Elyseís brother and one of Chrisí good friends. Chris met Tyson in 2001 when Chrisí family came to First Baptist Church. Tyson was attending the University of Florida and introduced Chris to the school when he decided to go there a few years later. Tyson graduated in 2004, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is now the Vice President of AAA Electrical Contractors in New Port Richey, Florida.

loren smith, bridesmaid
Loren and Elyse met at First Baptist Church. Their families spent time together when they were young and their friendship grew when Loren came into the youth group at FBC. Loren and Elyse both like to fish and be on the water. Loren and Elyse spent many weekends with their friends at the beach and also liked to play basketball together at their houses. Loren is currently attending Word of Life Bible Institute and is an R.A. in the dorms.

****** *** ****, groomsman
****** and Chris became good friends in high school. Chris and ****** used to get into trouble all the time, like the time they saran-wrapped Coleís car. ****** is an **** ****** and is currently ******* our ******* as a ******* in ****. He is ********* to come **** in *****, so please pray that he **** **** ****(and in time for our wedding!)

chelsea st. john, bridesmaid
Chelsea and Elyse also grew up in the same church and became close friends in the youth group. Elyse spent a lot of quality time with Chelsea at her house playing video games, drinking Mountain Dew, swimming, watching movies, and jet skiing. Chelsea and Elyse also served on a mission trip to Japan in 2003 and grew in their faith together through that adventure! Chelsea is currently living in Colorado, working at Telluride ski resort for the winter and at a dude ranch for the rest of the year and has seen beautiful sights while hiking out West.

jayson young, groomsman
Chris and Jayson met at First Baptist Church in high school and became friends. They always liked to work on car stuff together and go out on Jaysonís boat in the Gulf. Jayson races jet skis and is on Team Trifecta Racing, sponsored by Chrisí company, Trifecta Agencies. He also works for Pasco County Water.

adrienne duke, junior bridesmaid
Adrienne is Elyseís cousin and one of her best buddies. Adrienne entered Elyseís life 8 years ago when she was born and things have never been the same. Adrienne lives in New Port Richey, so she and Elyse get to hang out a lot together with their families. She loves to play soccer, ride horses, and spend time with her friends, family, and dogs.

trevor duke, junior groomsman
Trevor is Elyseís cousin and one of Chrisí favorite people. He is in 5th grade and is a good student. He is very athletic and excels in football, soccer, and tennis, just to name a few. Chris and Trevor like to play racquetball, family football, and Xbox together.
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